Mimaki TS100-1600 Sublimation Transfer Inkjet Printer

Mimaki TS100-1600 Sublimation Transfer Inkjet Printer

With two newly developed heads, the TS100-1600 has pursued high quality, high productivity, and stable operation as a Sublimation transfer inkjet printer. Achieves about twice the high-speed printing of conventional machines for textiles*.

In addition to NCU (Nozzle Check Unit), NRS (Nozzle Recovery System), and MAPS4 (Mimaki Advanced Pass System4), which enable stable high-quality printing, the DAS (Dot Adjustment System) was incorporated into the new “100 series” printers. Dot position and feed correction, which used to take a lot of time and effort to do manually, can now be done automatically, reducing the workload on the operator.

  1. An all-in-one entry model that can handle everything from sample creation to large-lot production
  2. High-speed printing of up to 70 m²/h for high productivity
  3. Printer with improved operability using the comprehensive technology of Mimaki
  4. Compatible with Mimaki’s two types of original RIP software to ensure beautiful prints and ease of use

Production Example of TS100-1600

  1. Soft Signage
  2. Fashion Apparel
  3. Interior fabrics
  4. Sports Apparel