Epson Sure Color T5730DM Multi-function printer

Epson Sure Color T5730DM Multi-function printer

Product Description

This 36-inch multi-function printer with integrated dual light CIS scanner delivers on speed and quality whilst remaining sleek and compact.

The SC-T5730DM is a highly productive, secure and compact MFP with excellent scanning and printing capabilities.

This MFP offers business enhancing solutions from Epson and 3rd party Independent Software Vendors (ISV), high scan speeds (up to 10 IPS) and image correction thanks to the integrated 36-inch dual light CIS scanner (with RGB filters).

The SC-T5730DM uses a fully integrated 36-inch Dual light CIS scanner to support and enhance business productivity. High speed, premium quality Print and Copy enlargement and advanced Scan capabilities will support business requirements.

Simple user experience

Simplified scanning workflows, easy-to-feed documents, and selectable scan to locations, including encrypted network folders and encrypted 960GB SSD.

Enhanced IT features

Includes more than 27 security features including IPsec, 802.1x, SNMPv3, SSL/TLS and more, NFC and admin lock.

Highly detailed prints, every time

The SC-T5730DM combines the high-quality printing and speeds of the SC-T5730D (with PostScript) with the new Epson CIS Dual light scanner. This powerful combination gives improved printed image quality even if the scanned original was wrinkled and creased.