Epson SC T7270 (44″)

Epson SC T7270 (44″)

  • High speed printing (2 A1 prints per minute) saves precious time.
  • Automatic dual roll media design with the dual-roll models minimize downtime and save paper.
  • Scan and share over the network or via e-mail, and even store files directly into your document management system with the multi-function models to smoother workflow and increase workplace productivity.
  • Top notch printing precision with Epson’s all-pigment UltraChrome® XD ink.
  • Ability to print on a wide range of media including 1.5mm thick boards.
  • Highly competitive cost-per-page with cartridge sizes from 110ml to 700ml.
  • Comprehensive Options for Future Expansion.

About Epson SC T7270 (44″)

The 44" Large format printer is available in single-roll, dual-roll and multi-function configurations.The versatile printer lets you print on a variety of media with maximum precision. A top favorite for architects and print shop professionals, the Epson SureColor® SC T7270 (44”) creates Epson durable and vibrant printouts with Epson all-pigment UltraChrome® XD Ink. With amazing speed of 2 A1 prints per minute, the printer helps you stay on top of your work-load.

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